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All Levels
This class is designed with the beginner in mind, but is also aimed at the seasoned student who wants to strengthen the foundation of their yoga practice. We believe it is helpful for the beginner to be practicing yoga with more experienced students and this class provides that opportunity. This class creates an environment that is safe, instructional, and inspiring. 

Level 2
Builds upon the information learned in the All Levels classes and focuses on structural alignment principles for an experience of a stronger and more stable body.

Level 3
Offers an opportunity to play with what has been developed in earlier levels and explore an athletic practice of breath/movement coordination with minimal cues about alignment. This practice builds awareness and strength at the true center of the body. The potential is for all movements to feel more stable and light with minimal effort. This practice works to build strength and connection to the floor of the pelvis, strengthening the abdominals, and deepen the awareness to the true center point of the body.

Gentle Hatha Yoga
In this blend of traditions we will build we will build strength and flexibility gradually, avoiding injury. Linking gentle movement to the breath activates the healer within. Bring comfort to daily life by inviting ancient postures, gentle stretches, breathing techniques, guided meditation and relaxation to calm the mind and open the body. Safe and supportive for all levels.